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Investor looking for Mobile Apps,Software or Social Networking ideas

I am looking for investment opportunities to invest in and raise capital for. I have a history of raising capital for tech companies. I prefer mobile apps, software, web, and social media although i will consider anything that has potential. I like early stage or even concepts. I am particularly interested in programmers who can do much of the work themselves or with some outside support. An idea alone is not enough, you should have some level of experience, know how, and ability in the specific technology requirements for the project.
Investor looking for Mobile Apps,Software or Social Networking ideas

There is no better way to use weight loss as an all natural herbal product such as Herbalife weight loss products. Many weight loss products are on the market and almost all of these products offer therapeutic indications, but only a few really effective weight loss products qualify. At present, more and more people, including those in the field of biochemistry of the growing importance of plant products made in promoting health and wellbeing of people.

With so many diet plans and weight loss plans that we are bombarded with each year, it can be quite confusing for us to decide which one really works. Recently the Herbalife diet has been much talked about and has received a lot of popularity. Does herbal life diet work? This is the question that has been asked by thousands of people. Basically Herbalife is a weight loss and health plan that makes use of protein and vitamin based weight loss shakes. The product can be purchased through Herbalife Sales Online or Ryan King. Many of those who have tried have to feel the difference with other weight loss remedies. The most important aspect of the Herbalife brand is that it is very easy to take. To shake through the preparation and enjoy a satisfactory diet, you will have the dose of good health. How do you like your shakes, you might even forget that you actually decrease with the goal of your weight.Herbalife Weight loss products



Breakfast- One Protein unit + one grain + one fruit

EXAMPLE- 7 egg whites (hard boiled or cooked with pan spray as an omelet) +1/2 whole grain English muffin + 1/2 grapefruit

A.M.Snack- Protein bar + one fruit

Lunch-Two Protein Units + Two Vegetables + Salad + One Grain + fruit


3 ounces of chicken or turkey breast, fish tuna or shellfish on one slice of whole-grain bread.

Add 1 cup chopped vegetables

Add 1 cup tomato juice

Add 4 cups of salad greens

Add one large Orange

P.M Snack- One protein snack + 1 Fruit

Dinner- 2 Protein Units + 2 vegetables + Salad + 1 Grain + 1 Fruit


6 to 8 ounces broiled fish with teriyaki sauce

Add 1 cup steamed spinach + 1 cup steamed carrots

Add tossed green salad with light dressing

Add 1 cup whole- grain pasta

Add 1 cup watermelon.

This is the meal plan I follow. Its a 1,800 calories plan. Try to eat every two or three hours. It seems like alot of food but its really not. Make sure you have a measuring cup.


  • 1. Keep your body in motion with 30 minutes of activity everyday to help minimize weight gain.
  • 2. Tone your muscled by weight training three days a week. This helps maintain muscle mass as you age. Start small, try walking with 2-5 pounds weights then increase gradually as you see fit. For those of you who are stronger go to 10-15 pounds. The idea here is to start and be consistent.
  • 3. Do not eat fewer than 1,200 calories a day. Eating too little may slow your metabolism.
  • 4. Do an aerobic activity daily, such as walking, swimming, or cycling. This is great for a positive attitude, high-energy levels and to raise metabolism.
  • 5. Never skip breakfast. If you do, your body tend to think its is starving and metabolism may slow down.
  • 6. Eat enough protein. Your muscles need plenty of protein to maintain muscle mass. A good guideline is one gram of protein per pound of body weight divided by two.
  • 7. Make sure you use the herbalife weight management program and personalize protein program everyday including Total Control, Snack defense, and the herbal concentrate tea.
  • 8. Have a good supply of any Herbalife Protein Snacks on hand and reach for these when you want to snack. You can grab either the protein bar deluxe, roasted soy nuts, a soupmix, protein drink mix and/or a beverage mix.


  Herbalife is a meal replacement product. On this health plan, you replace two meals with herbal drinks and tablets and eat one full normal meal during the day. Frequency of usage will depend on your specific plan. The company also offers a number of other products for increasing energy, building muscle and increasing hydration.

Two studies funded by Herbalife, one conducted by the University of California Los Angeles and another by a group of doctors in South Korea, studied the effect of Herbalife products on weight loss. Both concluded that a high protein diet with meal replacement drinks was more effective than a traditional weight loss plan. But Herbalife’s effect on fitness has also been well studied. One study, published in the “Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition” in March 2010, found that elderly cyclists who were given an herbal supplement had a better performance threshold than the control group.

Herbalife is an official sponsor for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team. The company also sponsors and provides nutritional advice to European soccer teams Internazionale FC, Valencia CF, Barcelona FC and FC Schalke. World-class soccer player David beckham, and Lionel Messii are individually sponsored by and endorses Herbalife products, as does Olympic gold medalist Attila Vajda. The company also sponsors a number of other teams, including cycling, triathletes and badminton player


      The new meal replacement shake released by Herbalife, The Herbalife 24 uses a dairy protein that contains 1 gram of lactose. The protein in this new product is whey and casein. Whey protein absorbs easily and casein is easily digested. It contains 1000 mg of L-Glutamine to restore muscles. This Herbalife 24 meal replacement shake contains 90 calories, 13 g of carbs, 9 g of protein, 9 grams of sugar, 20 vitamins and minerals, and 1 g of fat.

The Visalus Vi-Shake remains a superior product. The new Herbalife Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake mix consists of a unique, highlyabsorbable Tri-sorb protein. The Tri-sorb protein is the fastest absorbed protein. This special Herbalife protein has been refined to remove fat, lactose, carbohydrates, isoflavones to provide the most pure as achievable concentrated protein. Vi-Shake also contains fibersol to keep you full. The Herbalife Vi-Shake contains 12 grams whey/non-GMO soy protein. It also contains prebiotics and aminogen to aid in absorption of the 23 vitamins and minerals. The Vi-Shake is also 90 calories per serving, has 7 g carbs, under 1 gram of sugar, 1 g of fat making it safe for people with diabetes.


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